The story of a garment bag that circled the world

To our surprise, as incredible as it is true, we get at the office of the Asined Automotive company ( ) a letter fascinating from a passionate Romanian about our products made out of textile confections, precisely, a story about a garment bag made of TNT, a type of non-woven, fabricated from synthetic polypropylene fibers. The garment bag in question, Buttler model, is foldable, has two handles and is equipped with zip and strap. What could be more fascinating than that? Well, we invite you to read the letter:


My name is Andrei Nicolescu and events in my letter are true.

It all started with an invitation to a wedding, as conventional apparently as it is surprising, given that the wedding itself and the wedding party were scheduled for March in Scotland, Holyrood Park in the center of Edinburgh, because the two lovebirds opted for a humanist marriage, meaning non-religious. Alina, the beautiful bride, comes from a family with four nationalities, and Max, the groom, is German and does not adhere to any religion in particular, so they decided to celebrate the union in a romantic way, but secular, for the extended family.

All well and good, I accept the invitation, buy aiplane ticket for Scotland with a stopover at Schiphol in Amsterdam and prepare the carry-on luggage for the wedding, where I pack the costume in a specially made garment bag made by Asined, along with shoes and other clothing. A peaceful flight to Amsterdam, I wait quitely the hour to embark upon the connecting flight heading to the UK and fly just as peacefully to Edinburgh. Once I reached the destination, I wait for the carry-on luggage on the conveyor belt, but the luggage does not find it’s way to me. I appealed to the available staff, and it seems that the luggage was not in warehousing of the airport, its possible that it may not have been loaded on the plane from Amsterdam to Edinburgh. I get the contact number to the Amsterdam airport and find out with amazement that my luggage was loaded on another plane to Johannesburg with stopover in Doha, Qatar, at the Hamad International. After a far too long series of phone calls with the airport in Qatar, I am redirected to a charter flight operator heading to Abu Dhabi, who finds in his logbooks the name tag of my luggage loaded on the plane to Aracaju, Brazil, with a stopover in Sao Paolo.

I try to keep my composure, I show up at the hotel where I was staying and I continue to search for way to get the contact address of the airport in Sao Paolo, Brazil, to find out what’s the new destination of the luggage and how can I get it back in Edinburgh, possibly in time for the big wedding. I got in touch with Sao Paolo, they confirm the loading of the luggage to Aracaju and I obtain the number in Aracaju for new informations. After several days full of calls without any success, I am contacted by an official from the airport in Aracaju and find out that the luggage was loaded back to Abu Dhabi, where it made a stopover in order to be sent to the destination of Perth, Australia, where I should have called to intercept the luggage, have it stored and then sent to Edinburgh.

I get the number down in Perth, explain the story that became downright fantastic and find out that airline policy would be to send the luggage without a human correspondent to the headquarters in Chicago, USA. There are three days until the wedding and the situation becomes hilarious. I contact thr headquarters in Chicago, they acknowledge receiving my luggage and inform me that the luggage itself was open, it’s condition is unrecoverable and inside there is only in a garment bag and it’s corresponding suit.

I enquire about the shoes, no trace of the shoes, they were not in the logbook. I ask them to send me the garment bag to the hotel address in Edinburgh and to obtain a confirmation in this regard, with the mention that it will take a while because the plane will make a stopover in Heathrow, London.

On the day before the wedding, I’m called at the reception to take a parcel on my name. I go down to the reception and a garment bag is handed to me, stained in all the colors of the rainbow and a bag with a few personal items.

I open the bag, and the suit was pristine, pret-a-porter.

I go shopping, buy shoes, show myself at the wedding with a story as incredible, as it is true and thank providence for the adventure. My suit had traveled on three continents – Europe, Asia, Australia – eight countries – Amsterdam, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Sao Paolo, Aracaju, Perth, Chicago, London, and I managed to wear it with the pride of a globetrotter at the wedding in Edinburgh.

Am simțit nevoia să relatez această poveste și să vă mulțumesc pentru husa de protecție a costumului, se pare că a fost încercată în condiții cât se poate de dificile și a reușit cu brio să-și păstreze integritatea. Mult succes echipei Asined!

I felt the need to relate this story and thank you for my suit’s garment bag, it appears that it was tested in the most difficult of conditions and successfully managed to maintain its integrity. Best of luck to the Asined team!

Bravo for a quality product!”

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