Plastics injection

The Asined Automotive factory is specialized in the production of auto and non-auto components made through plastics injections of various sizes and weights (up to 300 grams), assembly for the automotive, railway and other industries.

Asined Automotive production capacity allow for various plastic items – plastic seals, dowels, coat hangers, caps, brushes, cups, disposable cutlery, toy components in compliance with technical production norms and the ISO TS 16949 standard.

We have the technological capability to inject plastic parts with the clients mold or our own molds.

For product manufacturing Asined offers:

  • – Designing the product out of plastics;
  • – Designing the injection molds for plastic products;
  • – Technological designing;
  • – Construction of injection molds;
  • – Injecting parts out of thermoplastic materials: PE, PP, PPT, PP + FS, PA, PA + FS, ABS, ABS –
    PC, POM etc.

Plastics are used, with few exceptions, in all fields. This performance is due to notable qualities: they are anticorrosive, electrical insulating, small specific weights, good mechanical properties, low cost, pleasant external appearance, can process both traditionally via mechanical means as well as through specific processes such as injecting them, they can be covered with paint or galvanizing, thereby enabling them to acquire the look desired by the designer.
The products resulted from injections are verified on specific devices in the control area. The finished products are stored in warehouse and afterwards delivered to the final customer.

Technical feature
Haitian brand injection machines – General Features:

  • – Clamping force: 1200 kN
  • – Mold opening force: 80 kN
  • – Plateau mold dimensions : 634 x 635 mm

Domenii de aplicabilitate

Textile packaging
Textile packaging

The Asined Automotive company assembles textile materials with the help of a team of seamstresses specializing in working with the sewing machine and hand stitching.

Laser cutting is a process without any contact between the laser cutter and material, thus precise cuts are achieved, without deforming the fabric.

Asined Automotive provides an industrial solution for bonding with a wide range of applicability. Sewing ultrasound ensures a perfect bonding, the machine is designed to seal with precision.

Asined Automotive manufactures plastic parts of different sizes and weights of up to 300 grams for the automotive, railway and other industries.