Laser cutting textile materials

Laser cutting is a process without contact between the laser cutter and material, thus precise cuts are made for various forms without deforming the fabric. The laser can quickly and easily cut a wide range of textiles – atypical cutouts for flexible materials, rigid, synthetic, woven, technical textiles, reinforcements, artificial leather, linen, cotton, silk and woven type TNT.

Plastic parts cut with the laser are done using a specialized software that allows an economic arrangement of the parts in order for us to save up material. The width of the cutting table is 1800 mm. During the cutting process, the laser beam melts the material in a controlled manner, and the edges of the cut pieces are sealed.

We propose you outsource to us the service of
cutting the textile material to benefit from:

• More orders honored, in the same unit of time
Our specialized teams work efficiently for you, saving valuable time in your production process. As a result, you get shorter delivery deadlines and can contract and honor more orders in the same time.

• An important money saver
This results from freeing an amount necessary for buying high performance laser cutting equipment, this can be redirected towards the purchase of materials for honoring several commands.

• The maximum of material saving
It is obtained due to computerized optimization of cutout framings of the material, as well as constant cutting precision, regardless of the complexity of the contours.

• The elimination of the main problems that you face in the cutting process
With the help of the technology owned by ASINED remove eventual problems such as fringing the edges of the material. With laser cutting you obtain the thermal insulation of the cutout shapes.

• Diversification of product offers
Together with ASINED you can expand the range of products due to our ability to address the most complex models you can imagine, as well as widening the range of materials used, including the very fine for which only laser cutting can be a solution.

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Textile packaging
Textile packaging

The Asined Automotive company assembles textile materials with the help of a team of seamstresses specializing in working with the sewing machine and hand stitching.

Laser cutting is a process without any contact between the laser cutter and material, thus precise cuts are achieved, without deforming the fabric.

Asined Automotive provides an industrial solution for bonding with a wide range of applicability. Sewing ultrasound ensures a perfect bonding, the machine is designed to seal with precision.

Asined Automotive manufactures plastic parts of different sizes and weights of up to 300 grams for the automotive, railway and other industries.