Sewing textile materials

The Asined Automotive company produces industrial textile confections in accordance with ISO standard TS 16949 with the help of a team of confectioners specialized in working with professional sewing machines. The utility of Asined products solves various challenges related to custom packaging, product protection and also the environment through the use of eco-friendly materials.

The Asined confections include custom covers for storage and transport in the automotive field and protective covers for costumes in the fashion industry. The covers are made of materials resistant to multiple uses (doc, tercot, fabrics coated, TNT, a type of non-woven made of synthetic fiber polypropylene) are equipped with tether straps, are available in various models and volumes, and the type of can be changed according to the requests.

Due to market demands we have developed our activity to the point that today we have a total of 17 employees and can produce approximately 10000-30000 products monthly, depending on the complexity of the product. We have gained experience since 1991 after collaborating with our traditional client Automobile-Dacia-Renault. Asined Automotive offers auto and non-auto textile products made in accordance with ISO TS 16949 standards.


  • – Confections on order;
  • – Textile confections for technical items via the Lohn system;
  • – Medium and large textile confections series;
  • – Tailor room for small and medium series;
  • – Stitch types: single, double, two needles, scalloping, zigzag, French


Technical Feature

In order to carry out the activities tailoring and sewing, the company has the following equipment and tools:

  • – Sewing machine, 2-wire rigid stitch, with wire cutting – 7 units;
  • – Sewing machine with 2 retractable needles – 1 unit;
  • – Sewing threads and scalloping with 5 wires – 2 units;
  • – Zigzag sewing machine – 1 unit;
  • – Scalloping machine with 3 wires – 1 unit;
  • – Machine for applying studs and eyelets – 3 units;
  • – Laser cutter with a 1800mm width tailoring board – 1 unit;
  • – Circular saw cutter – 1 unit;

Domenii de aplicabilitate

Textile packaging
Textile packaging

The Asined Automotive company assembles textile materials with the help of a team of seamstresses specializing in working with the sewing machine and hand stitching.

Laser cutting is a process without any contact between the laser cutter and material, thus precise cuts are achieved, without deforming the fabric.

Asined Automotive provides an industrial solution for bonding with a wide range of applicability. Sewing ultrasound ensures a perfect bonding, the machine is designed to seal with precision.

Asined Automotive manufactures plastic parts of different sizes and weights of up to 300 grams for the automotive, railway and other industries.