Asined Automotive has the capability to provide a suite of specialized services intended to aid in the production process of portfolio products. The factory has at its disposal professional tech equipment and teams of workers with relevant experience in the field.

We perform textile material laser cutting with a specialized machine, of high precision, and also provide ultrasonic bonding and plastics injection services.

To execute the molds used in the manufacture of plastic products, Asined Automotive collaborates with a Moldflow design and analysis laboratory.

Applicability areas

Textile packaging
Textile packaging

The Asined Automotive company assembles textile materials with the help of a team of seamstresses specializing in working with the sewing machine and hand stitching.

Laser cutting is a process without any contact between the laser cutter and material, thus precise cuts are achieved, without deforming the fabric.

Asined Automotive provides an industrial solution for bonding with a wide range of applicability. Sewing ultrasound ensures a perfect bonding, the machine is designed to seal with precision.

Asined Automotive manufactures plastic parts of different sizes and weights of up to 300 grams for the automotive, railway and other industries.