About us

The usefulness of simple things

The Asined Automotive company is focusing its efforts towards designing and making a wide range of products with a utilitarian purpose, manufactured from industrial textile confections and plastics.

The company’s mission is to provide varied products made out of textile confections whose functionality finds it’s correspondence through the meeting of certain practical requirements: protection, storage and transport of goods and values.
In its main area of activity, Asined Automotive also produces items out of plastics, thought-out to function complementary to textile confections, but also individually, capable of standing alone – plastic seals, dowels, coat hangers, caps, brushes, cups, disposable cutlery etc., in compliance with the field’s technical norms.

Asined Automotive has experience in the execution of over 50 products for customers from both Romania and from abroad (Austria, Italy, France, Germany). The factory has a team of specialists and the technological capability to design and manufacture products according to rigorous standards of execution.

Textile confections

Compania Asined dezvoltă produse menite să asigure majoritatea tipurilor de ambalaje din confecții textile: saci, huse, genți, învelitori, cutii din material textil, chingi de prindere și accesorii. În procesul de fabricare, sunt folosite materiale adecvate scopurilor utilitare, selecționate pentru rezistență în timp și lejeritate în manevrare.

The company works with materials out of ecological leather, synthetic fibers and plastics for accessories. They are designed according to functional criteria and are produced with the help of modern technological equipment: laser cutting, sewing machines and ultrasonic sealing machines, based on a well-calibrated production flow.


The plastic products portfolio contains plastic parts weighing at up to 300 grams for which a high level of precision is ensured. They are distributed in the automotive, railway and construction industry. The products can be manufactured based on the beneficiary’s mold, or in the case of new products, the company can ensure the making of the mold.

In its main area of activity, Asined Automotive produces items out of plastics, thought-out to function complementary to textile confections, but also individually, capable of standing alone – plastic seals, dowels, coat hangers, caps, brushes, cups, disposable cutlery etc., in compliance with the field’s technical norms.

A Romanian family company with an impressive history

The Asined Automotive experience totals upward of four decades of productivity

The Zipper Workshop within the cooperative Prestarea (UCECOM) lays the foundations for a micro production team in zipper making for garments. The zippers are made by injecting plastics on a textile band with machines artisanally crafted by the team’s engineers. The production of zippers becomes a lucrative niche field of the tailoring segment, thus the team’s collaboration registered notable commercial success.
– The private company Asined Automotive established and the team of workers concentrates its efforts towards the production of plastics for the automotive industry. The partnership with Dacia Pitestibegins, which is active to this day. The collaboration calls for the production of 12 plastic parts (interior and engine parts) for which the Asined factory uses its own molds. The plastics parts are approved by ICECHIM for the automotive industry.
Asined Automotive respond to the challenge of working with sewing machines again to produce covers for the kits of a car. The covers housed the sanitary kit, a fire extinguisher, a warning triangle, etc. Also, the factory made tether straps with plastic buckles and Velcro straps. The production delivery to Dacia Pitestiis made with a small personal car, but the team of workers expands and the factory withstands the growing demand.
– The Renault company takes over the Dacia Piteștifactory and the collaboration contract with Asined Automotive calls for a further increase in the number orders, so new investment is made to sustain the production.
Asined Automotive start the production of plastics – dowels for the railroad, used in casting crosstie – for CFR. The dowels are approved by AFER for railway safety.
Asined Automotive produces covers out of textile materials for the organization of logistical modular elements for music events.
Asined Automotive develops a new product for the textile industry – covers out of textile materials for suits. The suit cover production is unique on the Romania market, therefore the majority of the fashion houses become Asined customers.
Asined start collaborating with the company Vesta – producer of street signage and urban furniture to make covers for sanitary kits and for auto trims.
Asined start collaborating with banking institutions to make courier bags for valuables, currencies and correspondence. The bags are equipped with plastic seals to guarantee their content.
– Production starts on the filter bags made out of textile materials for sinks and for collecting dust alongside customer Valrom.
Asined invest in a high efficiency CNC machine for processing that laser cuts textile materials for textile confection projects: blinds with cut-outs for the automotive industry (Peugeot).
– The production starts on the utilitarian textile packaging with compartments for the client Peugeot.
Asined invests in a specialized plastics injection machine to make plastic products manufactured with the customer’s mold or custom molds.

Quality Certificates

ISO 9001:2014-2017 – Production of technical items out of plastic and textile materials

ISO/TS 16949: 2014-2017 – Production of plastic parts and textile accessories